Snow Bike Festival 4 days of fozen awesome

Need your marathon mtb fix early, Snow Bike Festival is for you!

Man don’t you just hate missing out on something? I mean I can usually get over it if I know that certain something can be replaced with something similar or better, but jeez when its a stand alone, unique adventure which is pretty darn accessible yet yo STILL can’t make it happen, well then that sucks more than a little!

Snow Bike Festival has been on my radar for a while, 4 days snow biking in Switzerland, I mean shut the front door, this would be a laugh and a half wouldn’t it? For the snow starved amoung us the pictures alone were enough to break you. Try as I might, work, life and all that jazz got in the way, SO what are we left with?

A lot of jealousy, a lot of scrolling through pics, half reading friends reports and basically a calendar that has this particular even carved into it with blood!

Ready to rumble, snow biking gaining traction. – Photo: Snow Bike Festival

My shattered plan had been to Easyjet to Geneve, see some friends from far and wide, travel to Gstaad, hire a snow bike, do a race, drinks some schnaaps, head home with a hangover, so simple. The race provides all the info you could need on everything from hiring bikes to optimal clothing considerations and aside from organising what turns out to be rather pricey accomodation, most of your grub needs are taken care of by the event.

This has to be more fun than a training camp surely? – Photo: Snow Bike Festival

Fat bikes are entirely foreign to me, so maybe jumping on one then pedalling up a mountain pass in the Swiss Alps is possibly not advisable, still, LOOK AT THOSE PICTURES!!

Pros being weird is no different in the snow – Photo: Snow Bike Festival

By all accounts you don’t actually HAVE to have a fat bike, the pros did what pros do and take it all a little too seriously riding their ill equipped regular race bikes with possibly the odd fatter or studded tyre here and there,  while the amateurs did what they do and go nuts prepping themselves with 30kg rigs you could traverse the Arctic circle with, it’s a beautiful thing though, a little diversity, a bit of imagination!

I followed the organisation’s own facebook page for updates:

And for a great round up have a read of Mike Blewitt’s account on:

So I say, think a little laterally in your calendar plans for 2019, or at the very least book yourself a cheap flight out to the slopes, ditch the skis and go for a pedal!