bike Transalp 2018 route announced

From the bike Transalp website:

Massive attack at the central Alps

The BIKE Transalp 2018 enters the rough mountain landscape between Ortler and Adamello. The mountains are enormous and the trails are ambitious. By driving next to the nearly 4.000 meter high glaciers you will discover everything from rarely used tracks to panoramic passes like the Gavia pass in about 2.621 meters high. Furthermore, we are going to pass some bike areas with great freeride fun trails. There`s a huge variety of mountain experiences but the BIKE Transalp 2018 is definitely the most worth of it.

However, let´s order it systematically: The BIKE Transalp 2018 starts in Imst and leads further on using the Via Claudia to Nauders, always viewing the Inn. The second stage is going to be the King´s stage as the way to Livigno feels like a small Transalp itself. Huge amounts of new trails are going to be entered like the Bergkastel in Nauders or the Valmora, always with focus on the Ortler. We’ve never arrived so early in Livigno!

For this reason, we do have five days to play with the route to Arco for example by using the enormous freeride trails at the Carosello 3.000. Hans “No Way” Rey opened the door for these trails by getting active as a consultant for Livigno. In addition, Ponte di Legno, which was a stage town in 2012, will offer a freeride trail. The Alta Via Camuna, a lonely forest path above all trees, will lead to Val di Sole to the Tonale pass.

Many new roads are waiting for all participants on the last two stages from Val di Sole to the Chiese valley and further on to Arco. There are some trails, which seem like there has never been any biker before. Trail treasures directly next to the Brenta at Madonna di Campiglio.

Stage Route Level Kilometer Altitude difference Link
Stage 1 Imst – Nauders 5 88,90 2.942 to stage 1
Stage 2 Nauders – Livigno 5 101,82 3.512 to stage 2
Stage 3 Livigno – Bormio 4 67,98 2.239 to stage 3
Stage 4 Bormio – Ponte di Legno 4 57,66 2.393 to stage 4
Stage 5 Ponte di Legno – Val di Sole 4 49,66 1.967 to stage 5
Stage 6 Val di Sole – Valle del Chiese 5 78,96 2.772 to stage 6
Stage 7 Valle del Chiese – Arco 4 58,56 2.179 to stage 7
Total 503,54 18.004


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