Sabine Spitz superbike – World Cup rigs

We are still trying to digest the insane racing at Round 1 of the UCI MTB World Cup 2018 but here is little peak and one sweet rig from a racer who has pretty much done it all and its still smashing in the results!

Sabine Spitz, she holds Olympic bronze, silver and gold, Rainbow bands a hahuuuuge engine and a smile that belies her brutal ability to suffer. If anyone saw the fight Robyn de Groot and Sabine put in at the Cape Epic in 2017 to come back from multiple crashes and calamaties you would know how eye wateringly deep Sabine go. Safe to say she is as inspiring now as she was when she won her bands, and as ever the German veteran knows EXACTLY how to trick out a bike.

We got in the pits, snapped some pics of what looks to be another ‘under wraps’ creation from her South Korean sponsor WiaWis (Winning in Action, Winning in Spirit). It was pretty well camo taped up and most of the real techy bits were covered so hard to tell what was new from previous offerings but what was clear was Sabine’s moved away from any Shimano components. Literally head to toe, this bike is like no other, enjoy!





There was a lot of camo taping going on and added plastic to hide pivot points…mmmm
So much trick carbon it hurts! Tune Speed Needle, Schmolke TLO seat pin, that baby alone retails for a punchy £300, ouch!
SRAM, Clavicula, K-Edge and lots more tape, its a party down there!
Moving from her regular Crankbrothers Egg Beater 11s to the larger footprint Candy 11s we’re assuming for the added reasurance on the super technical Stellenbosch circuit
Sabine lost only one place on her gridding in some furious racing
Tune hubs, more tape and Trickstuff Piccola brakes – WANT!
Trickstuff Piccola brakes, these are some crazy pimp brakes, every ounce of wastage is CNC’d away!
We just love this! Sabine may have more titles than most of the field but even legends need reminders.