Maximum Pressure! Airshot tubeless tire inflator – Rusty reviews

Our racing squirrel loves a good bike tinker, but seating tubeless is an evil we can all do without, is Airshot the answer?

Anyone who has almost suffered an aneurysm trying to seat a tubless tyre onto a rim can tell you that there is no greater challenge in life than attempting to seamlessly transform a pathetically floppy kevlar beaded rubber strip of uselessness into a earth tearing, perfectly balanced, well seated traction masterpiece, there simply isn’t!

If shelling out still isn’t your thing and creating something that looks a little deadly is more your style than BikeRadar have some tips

The problem with tubeless tyres has always been getting enough air into them fast enough to seal the bead of the tyre onto the rim. For those of us lacking a compressor the process usually involved any number of convaluted rituals and multitudes of heart attack inducing frantic pumping fits like a crazed baboon squashing a bug with a tennis racquet, it is in essence, awful.

Those in the know say that you should check your tyres every couple of months to see if the sealant you used had dried up and replace with some fresh goo. Even just checking meant breaking that holy seal and pumping away like a maniac all over again with much swearing and anguish.

Thank God a friend decided to buy me a Airshot.


The Airshot is simple to use all you need to do is screw the hose extension onto your presta valve, inflate the Airshot load chamber to 130psi with your track pump and release the air valve and whoosh hay presto! The sweet sound of your tubeless tyre popping into the bead is enough to induce tears of joy.

Rusty Verdict

I would recommend Airshot to friends as the price seems fair compared to similar systems in the market however I can’t give it 5 Skulls as found out that the valve that you attach to the load chamber is not replaceable and is such a delicate area could break if not treated with care.

RRP: £60

Twitter: @AirShotltd