So are they, ‘Nukeproof’? – Rusty reviews

We unleashed the racing squirrel Rusty on a pair to see what he thought

As more and more road bikes start getting equipped with disc brakes it’s always worth having a peak at what the mountain bikers are putting their kit through, if it works for them, surely it will work for you right?

My Canyon Exceed has been a revelation, after riding a 26 inch wheel for so long, and not being, well ‘tall’ I never thought I’d love the 29er as much as I do, it never skips a beat and about the only aspect that requires regular inspection and probably receives the most abuse is really the braking setup.

Anyone who has ridden a mtb in the UK will know the weather is always a factor in determining clothing and equipment choice. The weather is hard on the body and bike and can leave you caught out if you fail to prepare adequately on your biggest training rides.

Russell ‘Rusty’ Short, stoppies in car parks not his only skill

So last weekend I joined a few of the CHAINGANG Racing Team on some local trails as part of our preparation for this years Transalp. The weather has been indicative of the majority of our training rides, damp, cold with patches of full mud, basically standard.

Its with this in mind and the looming thought of equipment choice for Transalp I chose to dial in my brake pad choice. On high altitude stages where braking can be prolonged, and is utterly critical in places, I definitely want something that is going to live up to expectation!

Now I’m no heavy braker as I’m a little rider but going through pads is becoming a rather regular expense. My current pads, Avid’s own ‘Elixirs’ can cost anywhere between £10 – £25 a pair so amounting to a costly £50 a month in some cases just for sharp stopping power.  Not cool! After a little internet browsing I spotted the  ‘Nukeproof Avid Elixir’ at £7 for the pair, a perfect test run candidate.

Rusty’s ride – The Canyon Exceed in size ‘zero’ comes equipped with Avid throughout, swapping to after market pads may be frowned upon by some, is entirely more practical to regular riders

Nukeproof are well known for the trail and all mountain rigs so these pads should offer something at least on par with Avid’s own versions. The pads are as you’d expect, visually identical bar the ominious nuclear warning logo, nice touch!

They offer a choice of three compounds, organic, semi-metallic and sintered, I went for the semi-metallic compound so the middle of the road for wear apparently.


Replacing my old pads with these is quick and easy, no need to change anything just reset my pistons on my Glide Level T brakes and I was good to go.

Performance from brakes was excellent from the off, they bedded in quickly with none of the issues I’ve experienced with other brands. Braking modulation was identical to the Avids and didn’t suffer any kind of snapping or unexpected dragging thank heavens, just a straight forward swap that I would have never noticed had I not swapped the pads out myself.

Given I was really trying to mangle these pads I made a point of hitting the puddles, grabbing handfuls of lever and generally fooling about a lot more than my standard out and back ride. The Nukeproofs were faultless.

In terms of wear, its a tough one as I need these to hit the one month mark for a really fair assessment but given the comparble performance and on the whole lower RRP I’m tipping in favour of these after market replacements.

Rusty Verdict

Well done Nukeproof you’ve convinced me that you don’t always need to buy own brand components for the same result.

No nonsense, High quality, High power braking at a great price.

RRP: £9.99

Available at